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I wrote random things, if you are lucky, you might run into my post about my nostrils or my feet jkjk :D Just want to share a bit of my journey on a foreign land. Don't forget to leave your footsteps at my shoutbox!

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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning everyone! I'm writing this when waiting for suhoor, since fajr is on 3.13 am, so I need to force my eyes awake so that I don't miss subuh. Again :(

Anyway, you guys can call me Sue. Was a former student at sri al-amin Dungun, MRSM Kota Putra, MADPP-ians at KKTM Lenggong, and now studying at Peninsula College, WA. 

As some of you might know (or you don't know idk), I am now 9358 miles away from home. I'm shocked of how time flies; it has been three months since I ate nasi lemak at warung near the morning market in Dungun. A lot of my friends said that I am so lucky that I am able to be here, and I cannot thank God enough of the reality that I am here.

However, after some time adapting with the new air, I realized that there are some things that I dislike about being here. Even though sometimes I did feel like I'm totally doomed of being here at US, where I can't get to buy pisang goreng, teh tarik and roti canai as easily as I can get back in Malaysia, I do love some things here! Anyway, that's not my main point of this post.

I just want to share some pictures of my new place: Port Angeles, Washington, USA. It's such a small town, so we don't have fancy restaurants, tall buildings over here uhuk2

Our first gathering once settling at respective colleges. At Uni of Washington Seattle.

Had my first snow experience w this beautiful couple. (pssstt the header is from one of my shot during this visit)

Trying so hard to be american in Seattle :p

I love the pink cherry blossom <3 this one is just in front of my house!!

What I love being here: I can do whatever I want, without anyone judging :)) (bayangkan I pakai ceni kat KL, sah2 kena cop gila)

Volunteering at Food Bank. A wonderful moment.

My favorite house architectural structure for now.

Waking up to this scenery is just a blessing alhamdulillah

I want to show how my college looks like, but this is the only one pic that I have :')
Pirates Girls

Actually, I don't have any idea yet of what should I write next. Please give me some topic suggestions in the comment box below. Thanks! xoxo.


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